by Laura Balcazar

Community is a driving-force at WEAT. It was this passion for community that inspired our first initiative: The Gratitude Project.

We have partnered with two local artists, Loe Lee and Rebecca Hsu, to design postcards promoting our first restaurant partner, 456 Shanghai. Customers can participate by buying a set and writing short gratitude notes to celebrate special people in their lives. Once someone receives a gratitude card the idea is that they are nominated to also buy and send a set themselves, if they chose. Part of the proceeds will go to support 456 Shanghai. 

See the project unfold and get inspired by checking out #TheGratitudeProjectbyWEAT on Instagram. Also - keep reading below for a short bio on our artist partners! 


L + M


Loe (Lauren Elizabeth) Lee is an illustrator-designer known for weaving whimsical themes with everyday scenes. Her work is characterized by its colorful, other-worldly figures and influenced by her Chinese heritage. She is also a huge foodie and has recently helped revitalize New York's Chinatown through various murals for local businesses and through her partnership with Welcome to Chinatown. Check her out on instagram @byloelee

Rebecca Hsu is an illustrator and designer based in Brooklyn, NY. Her work is inspired by her Taiwanese culture, thoughts, and conversations.  She is passionate about environmental sustainability and seeks ways to incorporate and promote sustainability through her designs. She hopes to use her illustrations as a platform to advocate for environmental injustice. She values communities for the opportunity to connect with people. Check her out on instagram @rebeccahsu_