About Us


WEAT is a community-focused, mission-driven company that leverages innovative business models to help restaurants diversify into adjacent markets- starting with meal kits.

We see restaurants as centers of community, culture and creativity - a role threatened by low margins, old-school business models, 60% closures, COVID regulations and the imminent cold weather. But we don’t just see a need, we see an opportunity: restaurants are 4-8x less efficient than other retailers. This is an inefficiency we are determined to fix. 

Mel + Laura, WEAT's founders, met during our time at BCG where we advised industry leaders in the technology and consumer space on strategy and execution. We have a shared passion for fostering community and building things

The restaurant industry is also $1T in size, supports 16M American jobs and makes up 4% of the GDP. Visit the Independent Restaurant Coalition to learn more. 


Laura Balcazar | Laura majored in Financial Economics and minored in Visual Arts at Columbia. She is an advocate for small, local businesses & their role in anchoring a healthy economy. Hobbies include anything cultural or athletic (I'm currently training for the Loch Ness Marathon in Scotland).

Melanie Brown | Mel majored in Economics and Psychology at Dartmouth. She is passionate about preserving the value & integrity of physical spaces. Hobbies include skiing, hiking and watching TV (I'm currently binging The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel).