What are the benefits of meal kits?

  • Faster than cooking | Meal kits are 80% pre-prepared meaning our chefs spend days brining, marinating and prepping for you, so all you have to take care of are the finishing touches. Most of our kits are ready in under ~30 minutes!
  • Fresher than takeout | Because items are sent separately, they keep longer (2-3 days in general). Meaning you can eat what you want and save the rest for when hunger strikes! Say bye, bye to soggy tacos and cold pho
  • And mega fun | What really sets us apart is our desire to bring the full restaurant experience home to you and create a space for chefs to tell their story. Our kits come with chef-led tutorials and staff-curated playlists. Follow us on instagram and twitter for even more content! 

Where do you deliver?

We are currently only delivering within 10 miles of central NYC to Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, but are looking to expand so stay tuned! If you wished we delivered to your area shoot us a message!

How is your business model different from that of other delivery platforms?

WEAT meal kits are sourced from top local restaurants and delivered once a week. By aggregating deliveries we are able to cut costs, pay restaurants and drivers more all while charging you less. Better for you, better for restaurants. 

Are meal kits right for me?

WEAT meal kits are great for adventurous singles, quarantining couples, working parents and busy professionals. They're great for dates, feeding kids, team events, dinner parties, game night or weekly dinners! There's no need to commit or subscribe so you can order as much as you need when you need it. Plus, our pre-portioned kits help reduce food waste!

How should I store leftovers?

You can refrigerate or freeze leftovers. It's best to follow restaurant use by guidelines or check FDA resources like this one for specifics. Please note freezing foods that did not arrive frozen may impact flavor.